How Tomcat Works
by Budi Kurniawan & Paul Deck
ISBN: 9780975212806
$49.99, 458 pages

How Tomcat Works is the only book that explains the internal workings of Tomcat, the open source project used by millions of Java developers. Unlike other Tomcat titles, it is unique because it does not simply covers the configuration or servlet development with Tomcat. Rather, this book is meant for advanced readers interested in writing their own Tomcat modules or in understanding more beyond servlet/JSP programming.

The authors of this book have cracked open Tomcat 4 and 5 and revealed the internal workings of each component. Upon understanding the contents of this book, you will be able to develop your own Tomcat components or extend the existing ones.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Simple Web Server
Chapter 2: A Simple Servlet Container
Chapter 3: Connector
Chapter 4: Tomcat Default Connector
Chapter 5: Container
Chapter 6: Lifecycle
Chapter 7: Logger
Chapter 8: Loader
Chapter 9: Session Management
Chapter 10: Security
Chapter 11: StandardWrapper
Chapter 12: StandardContext
Chapter 13: Host and Engine
Chapter 14: Server and Service
Chapter 15: Digester
Chapter 16: Shutdown Hook
Chapter 17: Tomcat Startup
Chapter 18: Deployer
Chapter 19: Manager Servlet
Chapter 20: JMX-Based Management