Struts Design and Programming: A Tutorial
by Budi Kurniawan
ISBN: 9780975212813
$49.99, 450 pages

Struts is the most popular framework for building scalable Java Web applications. The first part of this book explains the latest version of Struts and teaches how to build real-world Struts applications. The second part goes the extra mile to discuss how to design Struts applications and solve common problems in Struts development. It's like two books at the price of one.

More importantly, this book is a tutorial designed to make the reader truly understand the concepts. It explains not only how to use Struts' features, but also how a certain feature works under the hood and which to choose if similar features exist. Examples are relevant and based on real-world applications. Several important topics rarely mentioned in other books?such as file upload, paging, object caching?are given detailed treatment.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Model 2 and Struts
Chapter 2. Input Validation with Action Forms
Chapter 3. The HTML Tag Library
Chapter 4. Input Validation and Data Conversion
Chapter 5. The Validator Plugin
Chapter 6. The Expression Language
Chapter 7. JSTL
Chapter 8. The Bean Tag Library
Chapter 9. The Logic Tag Library
Chapter 10. Struts-EL, Nested, selectLabel
Chapter 11. Message Handling and Internationalization
Chapter 12. The Tiles Framework
Chapter 13. Securing Struts Applications
Chapter 14. The Config Object
Chapter 15. The Persistence Layer
Chapter 16. Object Caching
Chapter 17. File Upload and File Download
Chapter 18. Paging and Sorting
Chapter 19. Preventing Double Submits
Chapter 20. Early HttpSession Invalidation
Chapter 21. Decorating Request Objects
Chapter 22. How Struts Works
Appendix A. The Struts Configuration File