Struts 2 Design and Programming: A Tutorial
by Budi Kurniawan
ISBN: 9780980331608
$49.95, 576 pages

Offering both theoretical explanations and real-world applications, this in-depth guide covers the 2.0 version of Struts, revealing how to design, build, and improve Java-based Web applications within the Struts development framework. Feature functionality is explained in detail to help programmers choose the most appropriate feature to accomplish their objectives, while other chapters are devoted to file uploading, paging, and object caching.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Model 2 Applications
Chapter 2. Starting with Struts
Chapter 3. Actions and Results
Chapter 4. OGNL
Chapter 5. Form Tags
Chapter 6. Generic Tags
Chapter 7. Type Conversion
Chapter 8. Input Validation
Chapter 9. Message Handling and Internationalization
Chapter 10. Model Driven and Prepare Interceptors
Chapter 11. The Persistence Layer
Chapter 12. File Upload
Chapter 13. File Download
Chapter 14. Securing Struts Applications
Chapter 15. Preventing Double Submits
Chapter 16. Debugging and Profiling
Chapter 17. Progress Meters
Chapter 18. Custom Interceptors
Chapter 19. Custom Result Types
Chapter 20. Velocity
Chapter 21. FreeMarker
Chapter 22. XSLT Results
Chapter 23. Plug-ins
Chapter 24. The Tiles Plug-in
Chapter 25. JFreeChart Plug-ins
Chapter 26. Zero Configuration
Chapter 27. AJAX
Appendix A. Struts Configuration
Appendix B. The JSP Expression Language
Appendix C. Annotations