Android Application Development: A Beginner's Tutorial
by Budi Kurniawan
ISBN: 9780992133016
$34.99, 364 pages

Android is the most popular mobile platform today and it comes with a comprehensive set of APIs that make it easy for developers to write, test and deploy apps. With these APIs you can easily show user interface (UI) components, play and record audio and video, create games and animation, store and retrieve data, search the Internet, and so on. This book is a tutorial for experienced Java programmers wanting to learn to develop Android applications. It introduces the fundamentals and provide real-world applications for every topic of discussion.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Activities
Chapter 3: UI Components
Chapter 4: Layouts
Chapter 5: Listeners
Chapter 6: The Action Bar
Chapter 7: Menus
Chapter 8: ListView
Chapter 9: GridView
Chapter 10: Styles and Themes
Chapter 11: Bitmap Processing
Chapter 12: Graphics and Custom Views
Chapter 13: Fragments
Chapter 14: Multi-Pane Layouts
Chapter 15: Animation
Chapter 16: Preferences
Chapter 17: Working with Files
Chapter 18: Working with the Database
Chapter 19: Taking Pictures
Chapter 20: Making Videos
Chapter 21: The Sound Recorder
Chapter 22: Handling the Handler
Chapter 23: Asynchronous Tasks
Chapter 24: Services
Chapter 25: Broadcast Receivers
Chapter 26: The Alarm Service
Chapter 27: Content Providers
Appendix A: Installing the JDK
Appendix B: Using the ADT Bundle