Java for Android, Second Edition
by Budi Kurniawan
ISBN: 9781771970259
$59.99, 714 pages

This book is for individuals wishing to learn Java and specialize in Android application development. This book consists of two parts. Part I is focused on Java and Part II explains how to build Android applications effectively. The Java tutorial has been updated to cover the new features in Java 8, the latest version of Java. The Android application examples were developed using Android Studio, the official Android IDE from Google.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Java
Chapter 2: Language Fundamentals
Chapter 3: Statements
Chapter 4: Objects and Classes
Chapter 5: Core Classes
Chapter 6: Arrays
Chapter 7: Inheritance
Chapter 8: Error Handling
Chapter 9: Working with Numbers
Chapter 10: Interfaces and Abstract Classes
Chapter 11: Polymorphism
Chapter 12: Enums
Chapter 13: Working with Dates and Times
Chapter 14: The Collections Framework
Chapter 15: Generics
Chapter 16: Input/Output
Chapter 17: Annotations
Chapter 18: Nested and Inner Classes
Chapter 19: Java Threads
Chapter 20: Concurrency Utilities
Chapter 21: Internationalization
Chapter 22: Java Networking
Chapter 23: Introduction to Android
Chapter 24: Getting Started with Android
Chapter 25: Activities
Chapter 26: UI Components
Chapter 27: Layouts
Chapter 28: Listeners
Chapter 29: The Action Bar
Chapter 30: Menus
Chapter 31: ListView
Chapter 32: GridView
Chapter 33: Styles and Themes
Chapter 34: Bitmap Processing
Chapter 35: Graphics and Custom Views
Chapter 36: Fragments
Chapter 37: Multi-Pane Layouts
Chapter 38: Animation
Chapter 39: Preferences
Chapter 40: Working with Files
Chapter 41: Working with the Database
Chapter 42: Taking Pictures
Chapter 43: Making Videos
Chapter 44: The Sound Recorder
Chapter 45: Handling the Handler
Chapter 46: Asynchronous Tasks
Chapter 47: Services
Chapter 48: Broadcast Receivers
Chapter 49: The Alarm Service
Chapter 50: Content Providers
Appendix A: javac
Appendix B: java
Appendix C: jar
Appendix D: NetBeans
Appendix E: Eclipse