C#: A Beginner's Tutorial, Second Edition
by Jayden Ky
ISBN: 9781771970297
$39.99, 260 pages

Designed as a beginner's tutorial to the latest version of C#, this informative guide discusses the most important features of the language and teaches how to use .NET Framework. Written with clarity and readability in mind, it introduces important programming concepts and explains the process of building real-world applications, both desktop and web-based. With the most comprehensive coverage possible in a book for beginners, it includes such topics as C# language syntax, object-oriented programming, working with numbers and dates, error handling, input output, generics, annotations, LINQ, lambda expressions and WPF.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Your First Taste of C#
Chapter 2: Language Fundamentals
Chapter 3: Statements
Chapter 4: Objects and Classes
Chapter 5: Core Classes
Chapter 6: Inheritance
Chapter 7: Structures
Chapter 8: Error Handling
Chapter 9: Numbers and Dates
Chapter 10: Interfaces and Abstract Classes
Chapter 11: Polymorphism
Chapter 12: Enumerations
Chapter 13: Generics
Chapter 14: Collections
Chapter 15: Input/Output
Chapter 16: Advanced Language Features
Chapter 17: Data Access with LINQ
Chapter 18: Windows Presentation Foundation
Chapter 19: Multithreading
Appendix A: Visual Studio Community 2015
Appendix B: SQL Server 2014 Express