Oracle SQL, A Beginner's Tutorial, Second Edition
by Djoni Darmawikarta
ISBN: 9781771970303
$14.99, 148 pages

This introduction to SQL for the Oracle database begins by discussing exactly how data is stored and maintained in a relational database, familiarizing readers with SQL INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements. The guide then discusses how to construct basic queries, choose an appropriate output, and how to create and use groups. Readers will also learn how to use joins to query data from multiple tables, how to create predefined views that can be stored in a database, and how to utilize the metadata of a database. Appendices round out the book, covering the various indexing techniques available in the Oracle database and discussing how to install Oracle Database Express Edition and list the Oracle built-in data types.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Storing and Maintaining Data
Chapter 2: Basic Queries
Chapter 3: Query Output
Chapter 4: Grouping
Chapter 5: Joins
Chapter 6: Subqueries
Chapter 7: Compound Queries
Chapter 8: Views
Chapter 9: Built-in Functions
Chapter 10: Regular Expressions
Chapter 11: PL/SQLPL/SQL
Chapter 12: Granting Permissions
Chapter 13: The Data Dictionary
Appendix A: Installing Oracle Database XE
Appendix B: Oracle Built-in Data Types
Appendix C: Indexes
Appendix D: Oracle SQL Developer