Spring MVC: A Tutorial (Second Edition)
by Paul Deck
ISBN: 9781771970310
$44.99, 340 pages

This is a tutorial on Spring MVC, a module in the Spring Framework for rapidly developing web applications. The MVC in Spring MVC stands for Model-View-Controller, a design pattern widely used in Graphical User Interface (GUI) development. This pattern is not only common in web development, but is also used in desktop technology like Java Swing. Sometimes called Spring Web MVC, Spring MVC is one of the most popular web frameworks today and a most sought-after skill. This book is for anyone wishing to learn to develop Java-based web applications with Spring MVC. Sample applications come as Spring Tool Suite and Eclipse projects.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Spring Framework
Chapter 2: Model 2 and the MVC Pattern
Chapter 3: Introduction to Spring MVC
Chapter 4: Annotation-Based Controllers
Chapter 5: Data Binding and the Form Tag Library
Chapter 6: Converters and Formatters
Chapter 7: Validators
Chapter 8: The Expression Language
Chapter 9: JSTL
Chapter 10: Internationalization
Chapter 11: File Upload
Chapter 12: File Download
Chapter 13: Testing Your Application
Appendix A: Tomcat
Appendix B: Using Spring Tool Suite with Maven
Appendix C: The Servlet API
Appendix D: JavaServer Pages
Appendix E: Deployment